Our story

Founded in 2015 with passion for technology, techlegal is a pioneer boutique law firm aimed at providing legal services for tech-related businesses. 

Gergő Székely, the partner and founder of techlegal, started his professional career in 1998, becoming the youngest serving director in the public sector between 2002-2006 while working for the e-government agency of that time. 

He moved on to support international clients as associate partner of a highly reputable international firm and later as head of legal of online businesses backed by the tier one RSA-based internet company.

What we offer

Our mission providing legal support for specialized business fields
Tailor-made to deliver close2business legal solutions with a practical legal approach that is aligned to your unique business needs
#techlegal a technology sector focus: online businesses, fintech, digital solutions, e-commerce
Effective legal aid we value your time: no wordy documents or long legal analysis, just legal solutions focused on your business

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